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Wireless Connectivity Overview

  • Successful trials launched in 2013
  • 50 UK cities roll-out in 18 months
  • Excellent wholesale offering for ISP
  • Up to 10 times faster for the same wholesale cost

At Internexus, we have been delivering internet since early 2001 using traditional leased lines. Over the last few years we have moved into wireless access using the most advanced radio technologies available in the world.

Since 2005 we have been delivering wireless access to our wholesale customers for business critical applications, such as voice, security and backup services.

In early 2013, Internexus rolled out wireless access for all users including residential. This allows our wholesale customers to offer a viable alternative to the BT Open Reach product and other LLU providers in the UK. The cost metric for wireless is very similar to traditional providers; however, the amount of bandwidth is normally 5 times greater than VDSL (FTTC) and over 10 times greater than traditional ADSL.

The first trials were made live in the North West in late 2013. We intend to rollout out the consumer network on the back of our current footprint of business networks, in over 50 cities in the next 18 months.

The cost of the first 50 UK cities project is estimated at $120 million.