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Voice Connectivity Services

At Internexus we are able to meet all your business voice communication requirements with our full portfolio of voice services ranging from a single telephone line for one of your home workers right through to a bank of ISDN or SIP lines for your call centre. If you are unsure what type of voice lines you require please call one of our voice specialists on 0800 138 5784 or complete our enquiry form

The consumer offering from Internexus caters for a line using a SIP-based protocol and is delivered via a FXS port in the end user’s home.This solution allows normal PSTN telephones to work in the home.

The significant advantages of having a SIP-based backend telephony network are fully taken advantage of by our customers to provide items such as voice recording and voice mail to email.

The Voice switch at the back of the Internexus platform is fully hosted and can provide highly beneficial features for business customers of a fully fledged PBX, Dialler, and ACD system.

This makes an Internexus voice line significantly more flexible than a traditional voice line while allowing our wholesale customers to offer fully managed and hosted PBX plus call center features to their end users.

For more information on the Internexus Voice solution, get in touch with us today.