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Wireless Connectivity Solutions

  • Solutions for wholesale customers

    At Internexus, we offer 2 key packages for your internet needs:

    White Label

    At Internexus, our experts have an impeccable track record when it comes to providing a fully managed white label solution for your business. Standard features of this package include:

    1. CPE to include the base stations, routers and all installations

    2. Easy to use white label billing services

    3. Secure bandwidth management

    4. Professional network management

    The minimum commitment for this product is 500 connections.


    Like other telecommunications providers, Internexus is also fully capable of providing a tails and bandwidth only solution.

    However, our operations are far more competitive and personalised. Key aspects of this option include:

    1. The install of the base station provided by Internexus, leaving the router and any other CPE to be provided by the wholesale client.

    2. Internexus will bill the wholesale customer for the product(s) used. The end user management in terms of billing and customer service is managed by the wholesale customer.

    3. Internexus provides tools to manage the customer bandwidth and overall bandwidth of the VISP network.

  • Solutions for landlords

    We provide complete solutions for landlords of different types of property from industrial estates to apartment blocks and community/social housing projects

  • Solutions for hotels

    Internexus is fully capable of providing core internet services for all sorts of hotels requiring multiple users

  • Solutions for public bodies

    We also deliver highly competitive packages to public bodies such as councils and municipalities